Проект Colors of Humanity

„Covid-19 threatens four lost decades for gender equality“ was the alarm of UNCTD in 2021. It showed how the pandemic affected women and men differently due to their distinct roles in the society and economy. Another major problem Europe seems to experience (European Youth Goals) is the lack of recognition of discrimination toward girls and young women, while hate speech continues to be a challenge that needs to be addressed.

The project “Colors of Humanity” aims to promote gender equality and counter discrimination through using nonformal education and youth work to create social mechanisms that involve boys and young men, parents, teachers and decision-makers. Its objectives are: Empower youth NGOs and increase youth workers competencies through nonformal education in promoting EU values of non-discrimination, tolerance, inclusive societies; Support and raise the advocacy capacities of youth workers to affect their community; Increase the involvement of several stakeholders on gender antidiscrimination and awareness activities; Raising awareness and advocacy countering hate speech, combating discrimination, and breaking down traditional gender roles.

These objectives will be achieved through: Involvement of partner NGOs in the management and implementation of the activities; Training of 52 youth workers in using non-formal education as a tool to promote EU values and awareness/advocacy; A toolbox created and shared for free in the European portals on the methods to promote and use non-formal education and to advocate and affect their community on gender equality and inclusion of people with fewer opportunities; 15 workshops with teachers and parents to be more aware about their roles in creation of gender stereotypes and gender-based educational choices; 3-day trainings with 20 boys, preparing them as public standers against discrimination; 10 meetings with decision-makers; 20 photo-messages, 10 podcasts, 4 videos will be produced for the awareness campaign

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