Four volunteers from YES took part in training course under project Videmocracy

Fom 3rd of April till 11th of April, four young people, who presented YES, were part of a “Videmocracy” training course in Durres, Albania. Other participating countries included representatives from Albania (host), Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, North Macedonia, Serbia and Turkey. The main objective of the course was to introduce young people to the types of democracy, the methods by which democracy can be depicted – through simulations, videos, paintings, games, etc. The methods that have been used have given and will enable young people in the future to develop their capacity and critical thinking in the society in which they live.

During each training day, the youngsters were able to share their ideas that were related to the project theme, as well as many of them related to their future development as regards the better development of democracy in each country. Last but not least – the bulgarian youths managed to create many multinational friendships and enriched their multicultural knowledge.

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