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Final event under Project Get Smact – Tirana, Albania

Youth European Society is looking for Bulgarian participants for Final Event in Albania under project Get Smact, co-financed by Erasmus+ Programme.

About the project:

Acting Youth, Get SMACT (GeS) aims to increase the competencies of youth workers in EU and WB on media literacy.

Our objective is to build the skills and the capacities of youth workers to assess and to have a critical understanding of the media, as well as to interact with the media.

Date and venue:
14.11 – 19.11.2022, Tirana, Albania

Participants should be over 18 years old.
There is no participation fee.
Travel and accomodation are covered by Erasmus+ Programme.

If you have any questions, please send email to office@yesbg.eu

Apply here: https://forms.gle/MUd7H5XsZ9ePAJfP8

Call for participants for Final event under Project Get Smact – Tirana, Albania

Youth European Society is looking for 3 young people over 18 years of age to participate in a final event co-financed by the Erasmus+ program. The course will take place between Novemer 14 and November 19, 2022 in Tirana, Albania.

You do NOT have to be a student to participate in the final event.
There is NO entry fee.

For more information: See here

Study visit, Tirana, Albania

This study visit will provide practitioners in the youth field an opportunity to learn from organisationswho work with Media & Information Literacy; raising the presence of NGOs in the local media; gatherand share best practices; create a basis for future cooperation and new projects to take place. Also, theywill be taught on mobile journalism.

Attendees of the study visit will gain an insight into the mainstream media platforms that exist in Albania,such as Euro News Albania, Albanian Radio and Television etc. Also they will have the chance to meet theyoung and established content creators and media makers who have developed their own platformsand mediums to address youth needs in Albania.

During this study visit, we will mix presentations, visiting organisations, discussions, working groups andpresentations in a way that it will give participants an opportunity not only to listen and learn, but also tocontribute and initiate topics of discussions.

“Youth European Society” participated in a kick-off meeting in Tirana, Albania under project Power ON Competencies

Youth European Society participated in a kick-off meeting in Tirana, Albania under project Power ON Competencies, co-funded by Erasmus+ Programme.

The project aims to raise capacities of 6 partner organizations from Western Balkan and EU countries in the topic of youth empowerment and social rights through multimedia This project aims to equip youth workers with skills & competencies for empowering young people with fewer opportunities to actively participate in local, national and European level through usage of new media tools. The implementation of this Capacity Building Project consists on implementation of local actions and mobility activities which bring together lot of inspiration, experience exchanging, new skills and competencies to be multiplied in the local level. The project aim to provide youth workers with the concept of empowerment and active participation of young people with fewer opportunities and generate creative solutions. It highlight the role of the Key-Competencies within Youth pass for youth empowerment and supporting young people in the process of acknowledging of these competencies. As well improve youth workers’ competencies on promoting of youth empowerment competence of young people and fostering their active participation. Among others the project encourages the participation of youngsters socially disadvantaged and with fewer opportunities to participate actively and give them a chance to be included and rise up their voice through using the freedom of speech through youth work.Our project will have a direct impact on skills and competencies of the involved youth workers and participants : sharing experiences will provide youth workers with new examples and new ideas as well as experimentation of using and creating new tools will provide them with new methods whose usefulness and effectiveness will be strengthened by their evaluation and validation. It is also expected to provide new experimental teaching tools aimed at motivating youngsters how to become active citizens and contribute in their communities live.320 young people will benefit directly from the planned actions and over 2000 people will be involved indirectly through different actions in local and European level.

During the coordination meeting, the schedule of the project activities, the role of each partner, as well as the partnership agreements were also discussed.


Study Visit in Tirana

Aleksandar Petkov and Kristian Stanev from “Youth European Society” take part in Study visit in Tirana, Albania, partner Erasmus+ project. During the visit they spoke with different NGOs from Albania […]

Project “Be the Change” – Study visit

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