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New project has started – Colors of Humanity

Youth European Society has started a new project “Colors of Humanity” in cooperation with Qendra AMAD / AMAD Center from Albania, Instituti Akademia Infinit Kosova from Kosovo and Vienna goes Europe from Austria. Project is co-financed by European union through Erasmus+ Programme.

The project “Colors of Humanity” aims to promote gender equality and counter discrimination through using nonformal education and youth work to create social mechanisms that involve boys and young men, parents, teachers and decision-makers.
Its objectives are:
➡ Empower youth NGOs and increase youth workers competencies through nonformal education in promoting EU values of non-discrimination, tolerance, inclusive societies;
➡ Support and raise the advocacy capacities of youth workers to affect their community;
➡ Increase the involvement of several stakeholders on gender antidiscrimination and awareness activities;
➡ Raising awareness and advocacy countering hate speech, combating discrimination, and breaking down traditional gender roles.
Project “Colors of Humanity” will be implemented in the period: 01.01.2023 to 31.12.2024 in 4 countries: Albania, Austria, Bulgaria and Kosovo.