Youth sector in danger

❗️Youth sector in danger❗️

The Council of Europe is dealing with a high-scale budget crisis as a consequence of the political crisis in the organisation. Recently, a contingency plan was proposed by the Secretary General’s Office on how to deal with it. The suggestion is to end the financing of the Organisation’s youth sector activities from the Ordinary Budget as of 1 January 2021.
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Youth and youth organisations of #Europe, you know best how important the Council of Europe’s Youth Sector has been in advancing our causes – our rights, our freedoms and our Europe of peace and understanding. Cutting the funding of the youth sector activities would cause irreversible damage to structures and working not only within the organisation but also impede youth civil sector in many of our countries.

What can you do? 📣Reach out to your governmental and civil society representatives, make them aware of the situation and raise your voice – tell them that #youthmatters!

#NoFutureWithoutYouth #NoEuropeWithoutYouth #YouthCoe

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