Project “Videmocracy“

The Videmocracy project aims to enhance the capacity of the consortium to provide space, tools and opportunities for youth workers to explore, analyze and promote active participation and democratic citizenship for young people through interactive multimedia and creative tools. The project aims to support the professional development of youth workers and youth leaders in terms of their critical understanding of democracy, active citizenship and European citizenship. Following specific objectives to be achieved throughout the project duration:

To raise awareness and understanding of local democracy and to provide technical knowledge on the tools that young people can use to require more accountability and transparency at local level. is to disseminate visually a portfolio of issues of concern to young people, members of the partner organization

To give concrete examples and the link between European citizenship, human rights, democracy and intercultural learning Improve the skills of participants in civic education for young people with fewer opportunities and targeting them as a factor for a positive change in the communities they live in.

Promoting Erasmus + projects as a great tool for empowering young citizens in the EU and WB using an informal educational methodology.

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