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Final Event Get Smact – GeS

Final event, Tirana, Albania. Each partner will send three to four representative. 20 participants. Success stories of the project will be presented and participants will be encouraged to further work on it.

Videmocracy I (short video)

Four volunteers from YES took part in training course under project Videmocracy

Fom 3rd of April till 11th of April, four young people, who presented YES, were part of a “Videmocracy” training course in Durres, Albania. Other participating countries included representatives from Albania (host), Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, North Macedonia, Serbia and Turkey. The main objective of the course was to introduce young people to the types of democracy, the methods by which democracy can be depicted – through simulations, videos, paintings, games, etc. The methods that have been used have given and will enable young people in the future to develop their capacity and critical thinking in the society in which they live.

During each training day, the youngsters were able to share their ideas that were related to the project theme, as well as many of them related to their future development as regards the better development of democracy in each country. Last but not least – the bulgarian youths managed to create many multinational friendships and enriched their multicultural knowledge.

Project “Be the Change” – Training Course

YES Team took part in training course in Durres, Albania

Our board member and project manager Aleksandar Petkov, together with two youth workers took part in TC in Durres, Albania between 9th and 17th March 2018. During the activites our team present Bulgaria, Bulgarian Presidency of the Council of The European Union, Western Balkans future and took part in different workshops about citizenship. Read more

Training course – Durres

3 participants from each partner will be invite to attend the TC

The TC visit will bring together more than 35 youth workers, 2 facilitators and 2 staff from 10 EU and WB countries for 8 days. In the training we aim to explore the three interrelated aspects of citizenship: status, rights and responsibilities combined with four dimensions of citizenship: political, social, economic and cultural. We all share the same values as Europeans and all should be responsible as citizens for constructing a democratic society and for the present and the future development of Europe where everyone dignity and rights should be respected.
Non-formal education that we will use during the TC shall raise better understanding about being active
citizen, diversity, tolerance, human rights and shall increase the capacity of young people to work as
multiplier in their country; to consolidate the experience that already exist and develop new ideas and
TC will be used different exercises combination of individual and team work, learner-centered ways,
theoretical inputs and exercises. At the same time, we will leave space for them to act, to practice what they
will learn.
Other methods used: debate, small working groups, role play, brainstorming, individual reflection, short
videos, wall writing etc. Every participant will reflect on learning outcomes of the day, reflect on knowledge
they gained, skills they improved and attitudes and share with other participants and trainers.
During the project we will collect examples of good practice in European citizenship training – this will
inform our outputs (European Citizenship Good Practice Guide for Western Balkans).

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