Project “Entrepreneurial mindset through social innovation in youth work”

The project “Entrepreneurial mindset through social innovation in youth work” will engage 8 youth organisations, 96 youth workers to increase their competencies on entrepreneurship education and social innovation themes. Indirectly, project will reach around 8000 young people (for all consortium) who will get information through newsletter, workshops, info sessions, Facebook & websites, about the result of project. The project is build up through following activities:

  • A1 – Kick off meeting among the consortium aiming work on reviewing the task division among the consortium, elaborate and update the project implementation plan and evaluation and dissemination strategy.
  • A2 – Training Course to improve the competencies of youth worker in entrepreneurship education, to empower youth workers who work with young people with fewer opportunities and provide information and tools for entrepreneurship education.
  • A3 – Practice in Local level – After the TC each partner organizes two meeting/workshop with at least 20 young people to put in practice knowledge they got after the A2.
  • A4 – Training Course to improve the knowledge, skills and attitudes of young people, activists and volunteers in social innovation topic, provide them not only theoretical approach to it but practical tools how to work in the field.
  • A5 – Practice in Local level – Each partner organizes two meetings/workshops with at least 20 young people to put in practice knowledge they received after the A4.
  • A6 – Toolbox on youth entrepreneurship and social innovation produced.
  • A7 – Youth Exchange to bring together young people from partners that can share and test the gained tools in practice. It will also give space to them to visit social business models and be able to explore the concept from the practitioners, in order to further bring the experience in their associations.
  • A8 – Large scale event for evaluation, visibility and dissemination of the results.

The project aims to increase capacity building of consortium in entrepreneurship and innovation topic, transfer the know-how and address key issues of interest for young people nowadays. To boost inclusion of youth with fewer opportunities through providing them skills and competencies in social innovation & entrepreneurship education, is the main goal the project seeks to achieve.

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